Sunday, May 29, 2011

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First things first...
Last year, Watsons released its own line of facial care products intended for men. Their complete set of skin care regimen products includes facial scrubs, facial wash, facial toner and facial gel in two types - hydrating and oil control. The products have minimal but appealing designs ( blue and black for hydrating; and green and blue for oil control) specifically for male consumers.

More than a month after its market launch, a friend of mine tried to use the oil control set. These skin care products, as described on the back of each, contain Algae extract in a non-greasy texture for hydration. (So that explains the green.) And the affordable prices make these more attractive.

The result...
Before using the product, my friend's skin is smooth but oily with an occasional pimple or two. Using these products made his skin less oily but not on a satisfied level. So he thought sticking to this regimen might solve his oil problem. But after 2 months of regular use, he developed small pimples on his upper neck. Another month passed and he already got acne problems on his cheeks. He then decided to stop using the products because these may not be suitable for his skin.

Final words...
After switching to his old facial products, my friend's acne lessened but not solved. There are still breakouts combined with a lot of not-so-appealing pimple marks on his cheeks. The lesson? Experimenting on facial products is good but dangerous. If your regimen right now doesn't bring you skin problems, then stick to that damn thing. Finding products that matches your skin is very very difficult, so it's best to talk with a dermatologist.

Have you tried Watsons Men products? Thumbs up or down?

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ever wanted to have something within reach for those skin blemishes? If your mind's buzzing the word 'Yes!', then oatmeal might be the answer. It's really good inside your tummy, but it's as well good for your skin. If you already know this, then good for you. If not, then summon your curiosity and read on.

Oatmeal's been known for its handful of vitamins and minerals. Hell, it's a great food for the heart and can prevent some sort of diabetes. That's when you eat it. But if you put it on your face, you can switch your skin from dull to glowing. This food wonder exfoliates skin when used as a facial mask. It can lighten blemishes and pimple marks. It can even treat and prevent pimples. And to top it all, its just lying in your kitchen waiting for you to have its wonders.

What to do?

1. Put a small amount of oatmeal (just enough to cover your entire face) in a bowl. Add water to make a paste. Start with a few drops then mix with your finger. Add more water if necessary but not too much because the mask will flow down your face if its too watery. You can also add honey and egg whites.
2. If your satisfied with the paste, start applying it all over your clean face.
3. Wait for 15-30 minutes for the oatmeal to dry on your face. When its completely dry, it will harden like paper maché.
4. Take off the mask and see immediate results. Wash your face with warm water to completely get rid of the oatmeal.
5. You may mask yourself with this oatmeal paste 1 or 2 times a week or whenever you feel its needed.

The upside...

  • Oatmeal is way better and more natural than exfoliating products with lots of chemicals that can badly harm the skin.
  • It's cheap and effective.

The downside...
  • It feels uncomfortable having oatmeal on your face. It's hard to move your facial muscles when it stiffens. Plus it looks a little freaky on your face.
  • It's hard to have the perfect mixture. You have to be very good in estimations.
  • It's a little hard to remove.
All in all, for beauty's sake, it's worth the try.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

A necklace watch is (you got it!) a necklace with a timepiece as its pendant. Since I've noticed some people wearing these, I became interested and I bought myself one. Here are my personal views about these accessories.

The Upside.
  • It's quite unique. A necklace and a watch? Oh c'mon!
  • It's trendy and fashionable at the same time. Trust me. Most people will complement that it's cute.
  • You can find one online. Just check your favorite online shopping website.
  • It's perfect for teens because most of the designs I saw are from anime and cartoons. But if you're not a teen anymore, quickly take a glimpse on the second one on the downside list.
  • It can be a one-of-a-kind gift idea. So if you're still crossing your fingers thinking for a nice gift, why not try considering a necklace watch?
  • It's cheap. Not unless if you wanted the diamond-studded one.
  • It goes well with almost any type of attire except for the one stated on the fourth below, i think.
  • People of any age can wear it. Just be careful when choosing a design.
  • There are also designs made especially for men.
  • I'm lovin' my necklace watch. :)

The Downside.
  • Its a little inconvenient to check the time below your chin, especially when the one you're wearing has a cover. Most probably, you would prefer to look at your phone for time checking.
  • Most designs are either based from anime and cartoon characters or colored to bring an antique look. So if you're not child in heart anymore or if you're not into old-looking accessories, you might not prefer hanging one on your neck.
  • It's hard to find a store that sells these stuffs. (Contrary to the third one above.)
  • It can be a little inappropriate to wear one with formal attires.

Interested? Try hitting that shopping website's search button. Have a nice day.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bust those shaving myths!

  • Shaving from different directions can give a smoother effect.
When I shave my short mustache for the first time, I actually thought that going against the hair's growth can give me a closer and smoother shave. That was a total mistake! I ended up with razor burns and itchiness. So next time it's long enough, try to feel its growth direction with your fingertips. And next time you shave, always go with it.

  • Any tool that can shave can do the job.
Unless you're a big fan of action flicks and you wanna try imitating its characters like the antagonist on "Robin Hood" who uses a knife to keep his chin smooth. Remember that razors are made for shaving, as other sharp things which have their own specific purposes.

  • Manual razors can be used as long as it can shave.
And you're just ignoring the clear sign on your razor's package that reads "DISPOSABLE". No matter how sharp that razor is, it is intended for only a week's use. Razors accumulate hair pieces, dead skin cells, and dirt on the part of your skin where you used it. And don't even mention that its OK because you thoroughly clean it every time after using it. Keep using it for several days and you can have burns and even pimple breakouts if your skin is sensitive.

  • It doesn't matter if you shave before or after shower.
This one's a huge no-no. Shower and facial foams can smoothen your hair and make your skin ready for shaving. It is always advisable to save your shaving rituals after shower and you'll notice that it's easier to do. Very much recommended for those with sensitive skin.

  • Dry shaving is fine.
This one is only acceptable if your shaving in the middle of a huge dessert and there is no oasis or if you have a face that's as insensitive as stone. But if your reason is that you're in a rush and you really need to shave, it's not good enough. So if you're practicing this one, try going out of your cave and buy a shaving foam, or continue giving your skin a suicide every time you shave.

  • Shaving frequently can make hair thicker when it grows back.
Shaving will only cut your hair. After some time, the same hair will grow and will be shaved eventually. It feels rough at first because those hair are newly-cut and pointed.

  • Soap can replace the job of shaving creams.
Soaps are for cleaning as shaving creams are for providing lubrication and avoiding razor burns.

  • Pressing harder will give a closer shave.
Always be gentle when shaving and apply light pressure. Pressing harder can give you razor burns and even wounds.

  • Using an aftershave is not necessary.
Suppose your doing the simplest and most basic shaving. First you had your shaving cream. Then after that, you had a few strokes with your razor. Now what's next? If your saying that's the end of the process, you're absolutely wrong. Aftershaves are specifically used to prevent infection, to help restore damaged skin, and to stop further irritation and razor burn. That is only to name a few so start using such if you're still not.

  • Fire shaving is good.
Yikes! If shaving with a razor can give you razor burns. Having this teenage technique can give yourself actual burns.

  • Shaving your bush makes you sexier.
I don't know if it's true but some people say that shaving a man's bush down there can make his love wand look bigger. One thing is for sure: putting a sharp blade near your little buddy can be unsafe. And besides, there's only a few people who may appreciate your "sexier" new look. (Unless your going for a public display.)

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    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    1. Wash your face with a mild soap. Gently massage the pimple area and rinse with clean water immediately. Pat dry with a clean towel. (Avoid using facial scrubs when you have pimples because it may give you more pimple breakouts specially when your into popping your pimples.)

    2. Put enough amount of the best facial cleanser that you have tried (one with a pimple-fighting feature is better) on two cotton balls. Apply one on your face and neck (avoiding the pimple area), and the other on the pimple area alone. This can prevent other pimple breakouts. Allow the skin to dry before proceeding to the next step.

    3. Apply a small amount of pimple gel directly on the...well, pimple. Make sure it's just enough to cover the pimple area. Some pimple gels have an stinging effect so don't overdo it. Let the gel dry for about five minutes.

    4. Gently put a gel patch on the pimple area. Slightly press it to ensure good contact with skin. It is advisable to leave it overnight. (For those who are not familiar with pimple gel patches, these are usually round and sticky gel patches used to help dry up and minimize the pimple's size.)

    5. These steps can be done best after a bath and before bedtime. Repeat the same procedure until the pimple is gone. Good luck on that pimple!

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    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Fact: 9 out of 10 people around the globe suffer from pimples. So, if you’re part of this 90%, you should definitely continue reading. You are probably going ‘eenie meenie miney moe’ choosing a good product on the market, but finding one that really suits your skin and actually works is way harder. Among these products are those with the infamous salicylic acid which is known for its results. Yup! It's the organic acid which most acne-fighting products are up to. And Yup! It's what your friend suggests you should try. Many consumers give their positive feedbacks about it. And if it works great on you as well, then stick to it and just browse this blog for other articles [:)]. But if this salicylic failed you by bearing no effect or (worse!) more pimple breakouts, we (yes, including me) are on the same side of the situation and it's back to square one for us.
    So, after consulting a dermatologist, I eventually jump from salicylic acid to clindamycin. Probably, you're asking what this clindamycin is. Well, it is a form of antibiotic which also serves as a common topical treatment for acne. To clear things out, I'm talking about clindamycin antibiotic that is used as a facial cleanser and NOT the one taken orally. Those that are taken orally are quite dangerous because of its adverse effects. If you're still thirsty for some additional information, try checking its Wikipedia entry.
    What is its outcome on me? After less than a month using it after a bath and before bedtime, I'm already free from pimples. And with that, I'm certain to say that it really works on me. I still use it to prevent pimple breakouts and (Didn't I said this one yet?) it is surely cheap.
    Well, I'm not actually writing this post to say things like, "Hey this one works on me, so try it too!". It's like putting your precious face on risk if you're after others' testimonials. But if you became interested, why not give it a try? You can find clindamycin cleansers over the counter. I'm suggesting that if you still have problems on products you are using, it's a better move that you should first consult a dermatologist so you will know your skin type and what products are best for you. Whatever you prefer, I'm wishing you luck. And if you have something to say, the comments section is widely open for your words.

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